• Cameron Maciel

User Interface Design

Hey Print Hustlers! On this Sunday I am plugging away at the User Interface design to control all the electronics on the device arm!

My main focus is being able to control Print Squeegees / Flood Squeegees individually

Print Stroke / Flood Stroke Individually

and then have sequence buttons that will put the flood squeegees down , flood stroke , flood squeegees up , print squeegee down , printing stroke, and then Print squeegees up!

These sequence buttons will be able to be programmed to be used any number of times that are needed for the type of job you will be printing!

The UI will also have a t-shirt counter for that specific press arm , along with Flood & Print Stroke Speed Control ... Timer . and Digital Clock

My goal is to add an Internet Browser Function that will allow for users to also access cloud business database information such as Printavo ! See your jobs and schedules right on your press head!

I will be publishing my Interface concept later tonight!

Keep on pushing!



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