• Cameron Maciel

Thursday 3D Design

Here was I have been working on tonight on the computer!

The Mounting Bracket V2 will have the option to allow the users to be able to switch from screen sizes 20x24 to 23x31 .... Toward the left hand side of the picture you see a case design with the stepper motor in it! This is considered the Motor mount!

I will be redesigning the motor mount to be one piece with the arm that will go down below it to carry anything C-Channel rolled steel to hold the screen!

In total the Screen will be completely held in place by the press hand #1 followed by 3 more clamps 2 being on the side of the price and one being at the very end!

Some design flaws that i see coming may be the large size of the mounting bracket being to wide which would end up hitting the other screens or mounting brackets to left or right of it!

All in good time when i get this V2 Mounting arm completed i will work with near by shops on testing the clearance between screen screens!

- Cameron Maciel

Thank you



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