• Cameron Maciel

Stepper Motor Driver Ordered!

Just placed an order on SparkFun and great website to get new and cool hardware electronic projects / Development boards! A Motor driver is a small chip that take electrical signals to transfers them in different directional pathways for the motor to spin and stop based computer electrical commands


Datasheet - Starting learning about how motor driver work the development boards like Arduino and how you could start programming your own!

Schematic - The components that make up the board and how they all connect together!

Hookup guide - How to wire this chip to a motor , power supply , and micro controller

The motor I will be testing out the device with is the Nema 23 Stepper motor!

The whole point of the EzPress Community is to start tinkering and expanding the ideas to everyone in the print community! The more we all start learning now about hardware , software, and engineering the faster and better we all can make EzPress better and better down the road when the full Open Source community opens!



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